Support Your Local Area Businesses

Buy Local


In this age of Super Stores,(Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Best Buy and numerous others),  the small independent local businesses are slowing being pushed out.  Not because of better services, but cheaper prices.  Cheaper isn't always better. When you buy from a local business, they also give service with their products, something that the super stores do not. In the past even the small towns had a number of locally owned stores with name brand products that could be purchased without going to a large metropolitan area. When you buy from a merchant in your local community, they know you by name, not by your zipcode or phone number. Service is more personal. This used to be an important factor when people made a purchase. In the past small communities had mom and pop grocery stores on almost every corner.  Then times were tight, these small stores carried their neighbors on the books from payday to payday, with no interest. Try that at a super store, no money, no product. These small stores in turn generated more jobs for the companies that serviced them.  More bread, milk, candy,ice cream, produce, packaged goods delivery personal were hired, creating more jobs. 

Many larger and small cities are starting to feel the effect of a lost tax base that used to be present.  These loses are a direct result of the Mega-Corporations taking away businesses that would have generated funds within the boundaries of the cities.  Most Super or Mega Stores always seem to locate outside of the city limits, causing a loss of tax revenue. A loss of tax revenue has caused a cut in services, to point that some cities have had to lay off employees. Where are these unemployed workers going to find a job. Maybe they can be a guard or a greeter at Wal-Mart.  When are the American people going to wake up and see the damage that is being done by these companies.  Many areas no longer have a large choice of stores to shop. These Community Friendly Stores has helped destroy many small and large downtown areas, by dropping prices so drastically that independent businesses cannot compete with them. 

What happened to our American factories, and our pride in our own products.  Pick up any item in these stores and see how many have been made in the good old USA, not very many.  I know that we live in a global community, but shouldn't we be a little more productive at home.  Most of the Name Brand Companies products are manufactured overseas. These Fat Cat Executives will tell you that they have to go overseas to lower manufacturing costs, but will they take a cut in their overrated salaries to save the company money? No. Call for tech support of a name brand product and see who you talk to.  Even those jobs are being sent overseas, at the expense of job loss in our own country.  We should be entitled to speak to someone that we can understand, espesically after buying their product. If the price of an item is a few more dollars than a super store, it may be cheaper, with the rising gas prices, than the cost to travel 20 miles to save a few dollars.

Where are the unions when you need them?   Are union people supporting all these Non-Union Super-Stores?   If they are, why?  It has been in the news recently that Wal-Mart closed 2 stores in Canada that were trying to go union. Does this mean the Wal-Mart is only looking out for themselves and not their employees or associates as they like to call them.

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